How To Remove Mildew Streaks From Vinyl Siding

If mildew steaks are present on vinyl siding on a home’s exterior, the following steps will assist with eliminating them. Once a home’s exterior is clean, maintaining vinyl siding will prevent dirty buildup or stains from becoming an issue again.


Trimming Branches, Covering Foliage And Applying A Cleaning Agent

Tree or plant branches that are touching the sides of a home need to be trimmed with a pair of pruning shears. Plastic sheeting can be draped across the ground in order to protect grass and foliage from chemicals in the cleaning agent that will be applied to siding. A garden sprayer’s tank needs to be filled with water before adding a small amount of detergent and bleach to it. Once the components are agitated, the solution can be sprayed liberally on siding pieces that are dirty. A ladder may need to be used to spray areas that are not within reach.

Scrubbing Stains And Maintaining Siding

A long-handled scrub brush can be moved back and forth over dirty siding pieces in order to loosen substances. Mildew streaks that are not very large can be removed with the help of a standard scrub brush. If there are harsh stains on siding that cannot be eliminated with a basic cleaning solution and a scrub brush, nashville soft washing with the use of a pressure washer may be necessary. When completing a nashville pressure washing session, a specific type of detergent may need to be added to a machine’s tank. The type of detergent will be identified in the instructions that came with a pressure washer.

Once water is added to a tank, it will mix with detergent. A pressure washer will emit a strong stream of soapy water, which will eliminate most stains that are commonly found on vinyl. After a home’s exterior is clean, rinsing soapy film from vinyl pieces can be accomplished with a standard water hose. In order to preserve the condition of siding pieces, they should be rinsed off at regular intervals and surface stains need to be eliminated in a timely manner.


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